Does Niacin Show Up On a Drug Test

by admin on March 30, 2012

Does Niacin Show Up On a Drug Test?

Many people who are taking the food supplement ask the question, “does niacin show up on a drug test”?. They fear that they will be in a difficult situation in case that it shows up in their urine. They will not get the job they want or they will end up in jail. These worries cause more individuals to stop taking the vitamin supplement prior to their scheduled drug testing. If you are one of them, you better answer the issue and get rid of what if’s and but’s in your mind.

Does niacin show up on a drug test? To answer this question, you have to first understand that the vitamin supplement is also a drug. It will show up if a doctor or a laboratory procedure tries to detect it. But in the case of drug testing, the lab tests are only after the prohibited drugs and niacin is not one of them. Niacin is a legal drug that is available over the counter. You can get it without the doctor’s prescription and without worry that you will be put to jail. Niacin is not an addictive substance. It is not an accessory vitamin. In fact, it is one of the essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Thus, even when the doctor sees that you are taking niacin, this will not ruin your situation.

Another point to answer your question, does niacin show up on a drug test, the answer is still no. Again, the drug test is only intended to check for the use of illegal drugs like marijuana, shabu and cocaine. However, there are some drug users who claim that taking an overdose of niacin will promote the easier and faster cleaning of the prohibited drugs from their body. They believe that the vitamin supplement can mask the true results and they will get a negative result despite their addiction. But if you take a look at the various medical literatures, you will get an opposite answer.

Niacin is a vitamin supplement that helps in lowering the level of cholesterol and improving the functions of the immune system. It should only be used as directed because there are reported side affects about its improper use. There are no studies to prove that they are effective in fooling the sophisticated laboratory procedures used in drug testing.

Now that you have answered the question, “does niacin show up on a drug test”, you should have a better understanding about the issue. If you want to take a negative result on your drug test, you better quit your addiction. Drugs will not do good in your life. They will only drag you down.


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